Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pro-Life Organizations: Do they help women raise babies?

This is part of a continuing series.

If an organization was truly pro-life, they would try an attack the causes of abortion (unwanted pregnancy), and the major reason cited for abortion (financial constraints). The best way to do this is community support for children. I put in organizations that did not support governmental assistance, but did support "pregnancy crisis centers" of some variety. These centers generally run from a place to stay during pregnancy and the first year, to some material assistance (diapers, formula, teddy bears, et cetera).


I changed the graph, because Army of God does not support Pregnancy Crisis Centers. They do not address welfare. Sorry for the mistake.


At 8:48 PM, Blogger Val said...

Great graphs! but we all know that it's all gravy after that 1st or 2nd year, right?!? - after your lil' darlin' is toilet trained?? [*snark* - referring to pregnancy crisis ctrs which only offer support to infants]

At 7:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The first year of a baby's life can cost at least $10,000. I definitely support helping women and their children. I am pro life and I don't agree that it is "enough" just to talk women out of abortion. We need to be there for the long haul, helping these women with their pregnancies, helping obtain funding and healthcare benefits, see them through delivery, give them the material items they will need for baby, get them work skills and education if needed, provide daycare etc. I don't like it when pro lifers act like they saved babies' lives and then they walked away all happy. What about the woman and how her life changes because of this new life? Both must be supported and cherished, in my opinion. If only I had enough money I'd start my own pregnancy crisis center and I'd make sure we saw every woman through if she chose to continue her pregnancy. Maybe it's a fantasy, but I do want to help and not just keep a scorecard of how many babies I saved.

At 6:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that "welfare" is the answer. Some might even say it is a cause - have more babies, get more money. I think we would want to look at how organizations help women to get education and jobs and be able to support thier families - and not be dependent on the government.

I think it is insincere to say that most Pro-life organizations only stop abortions but do nothing else. In fact most do help with clothes, diapers, food, finances, health care, counseling - and education. Some also heop with housing. In your research what positive things did you find?


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