Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Asshole Doctors, a Conclusion

Last week, I talked about my misadventure with an Asshole of the Medical Profession. This doctor, instead of listening to me and treating my problem, was much more interested in a (non-existent) fetal life and berating me for having sex. The nurse was much more helpful, helping me get my medication and telling me what would happen.

After I got my medication, I walked out to my car and found my boyfriend, looking worried, who ran up to me and hugged me really tightly before chewing me out for not waking him up. I told him what happened, and he got even more upset.

"I've had a UTI before" he said. "I could have told you what it was, and then you wouldn't have had to worry about it".

I was too tired to argue with him, and he was right anyway. I bought some cranberry juice (*sidenote* The nurse had recommended it. I still don't like cranberry juice), took my medication, and started calling up TAs to let them know I wasn't going to be in class (or lab). After I stopped feeling like I was pissing mustard gas, I did go and get a pregnancy test (that was, of course, negative).

The point of this little rant, besides to point out a particularily hideous kind of asshole, is that this wouldn't have happened if the doctor didn't think that shaming me about my sex life was more important then my health. This should have been a 10 minute, minimal stress process. Instead, it was long, humilitating, and high-stress, that still ended up showing more concern for a fetus than for me. I don't know if the medication I got was worse for me or not, but I do know that I was experiencing pain longer than the nurse said I should. I suppose, in the long term, it didn't really matter, but it still bothers me that I didn't get the normal medication.

I have nothing but the utmost respect for doctors. I have two friends who are going through the medical programs, and I don't envy the sheer amount of knowledge they must have. BUT, I still wish that some doctors would get over their god-complex: you're supposed to heal me, not moralize to me. You aren't the moral authority in my life, and it isn't your job to be. If that's what you wanted, you should have become a religious leader (and even then, I'm very free to ignore you).


At 8:55 AM, Blogger annelynn said...

Hi there - I came here via Hugo's blog. I am sorry about your experience, but I'm glad the nurse was able to help you. Just wanted to give you a tip - sometimes the cranberry juice blends (cran-blueberry, cran-raspberry, cran-apple, etc.) can take the edge off that bitter-ish cranberry taste and still do the trick for the UTI.

I'll be back to read more later! Nice to meet you.

At 8:26 AM, Anonymous Tomteboda said...

I wonder if the physician was sued at some point because a patient took a medication then had a handicapped baby.

At 12:16 PM, Blogger Goddess Cassandra said...

It's a distinct possibility HOWEVER it didn't address my case. I wasn't concerned if I was pregnant, I was concerned about healing me.

At 9:23 PM, Blogger Raznor said...

I wonder if the physician was sued at some point because a patient took a medication then had a handicapped baby.

Except he didn't say anything that she could find useful. The doctor could have told her the useful information that the nurse told her, but didn't.

Yeesh - is there some sort of wingnut version of the Hippocratic Oath that ends with "unless she's a slut."

At 11:23 PM, Blogger GraemeAnfinson said...

This is america, at least they let you see a doctor. my sister in law has been turned down in fargo for not having insurance

At 10:48 AM, Anonymous tomteboda said...

I still don't see where the doctor engaged in any "shaming", maybe I'm missing something?

At 12:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're an idiot.

At 8:06 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

in 06 i had my first siezure and a secobnd in 06 after counting my pills it was my fault, since that time no problem, in oct 10 i remember all the details of tripping falling forward and breraking my wrist and i also c racked my knee cap so i got ar a ride to the hospital in richmond hill ontario, i spoke with this asshole doctor abd he phone in reporting that a has a siezure, how did i not break any bones b4 and i viewed huis pack of lies report where he said i was not aware, i told all him all the de4ails and i was at the hospital 4 another with any mention of siezure this asshole has since that time left the hospital, this hospital apparently tried to take someones licence for a sinus problem. i will find this asshole and tell him to his ugly face what i think of him and his cowardly antics, i avoid doctors as much as i can they arrogant self centred assholes


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