Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Holy Crap!

Both Obama AND Clinton will be talking at the Democratic convention here in Grand Forks. I have tickets to go watch them, and I promise to blog about it after the fact (I don't think I can liveblog it, unfortunately). This is the biggest thing to happen to Grand Forks, politically, since...well, nothing really important politically happens here.

I'm not entirely sure why they are coming to the middle of no where North Dakota, but the most plausible theory is Obama is coming as a thank-you for Dorgan, Conrad, and Pomeroy for endorsing him, (and endorsing him early) and Clinton's coming because she cannot possible afford to lose anymore superdelegates.

Anyway, here are my predictions:
Hillary Clinton will mention the Flood if 1997 at least twice.
Obama will soft-peddle the race discussion, and instead focus on the economic problems.
Both canidates will avoid the reproductive rights issue ENTIRELY, unless they are going to answer questions (which I don't think they will) and someone asks. Then, they will say something vague about abortion being bad, but necessary.

Here's my hope, but I wouldn't bet on it:
Both canidates say that the other would be a ground-breaking president, and would be a solid leader.


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